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Can You Save Jason? Coming soon...

We have been rapidly rehearsing our pay about Disability Hate Crime "Mate" Crime and cuckooing to be performed on 8th March for Breaking out of the Bubble at We Are 336 in Brixton. The play tells the story of a man who is befriended by someone who takes over his home and his life. In this reimagining of a play which was initially devised by People WitLearning Disabilities at Speak Out in Hounslow, Jasons story is told through the improvisations of six Disabled actors and focuses on keeping safe, reporting Hate Crime and supporting friends so that they don't become victims.

We have been devising and rehearsing in preparation for our performance on 8th March for Breaking Out of the Bubble at We Are 336 on Brixton Road. Join us for a full day event which promises to promote more positive outcomes for Jason!

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