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Richmond and Hammersmith

Kill The Noise has been devised in workshops and comes from the actors themselves. Featuring poetry by Emily Roberts, this play tells a true story. It is about one woman, Parima Shahin Mogaddam, who has been housed in emergency housing. But the building presents a new problem: It is impossible to live in because of the level of noise. The play features a film by Media Sheybany and music from DJ Man and V-Dun The Legend



Richmond and Hounslow

This project started on 4th September 2017. We want to open up a dialogue with government using theatre as our tool.


We are working in partnership with Ruils and Hounslow Arts Centre to make this happen. 

There are 8 actors. The play they have devised is called Lives Like These. It is a true account of the real life experiences of the actors. A living documentary.


The play is about disabled people's rights and being ignored. This political play was performed at Parliament on 1st May 2018.

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