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★★★★★★★★★★4 out of 5 stars.


Different and fascinating

This was an event put together by disabled people to raise awareness of of housing issues. It was @ mix of poetry, a play and video very well executed and fascinating

Favourite moment? 

The biggest cacophony of noise in the house

What aspect of the show did you enjoy most and why? 

The way it all challenged our thinking 

Kill the Noise takes a more serious turn and focuses on the issues involved with constantly being shunted around the temporary housing system. Elegant poetry and simple dialogue clash with heavy dubstep and a colourfully shambolic set to bolster the sense of chaos and disorientation felt by Parima, who has just moved into temporary accommodation. Filmed clips of Parima emphatically pause the action on moments such as a ticking clock or a packed suitcase.  While the contrasts make it disorientating at points, the piece overall is creative and refreshingly varied.

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