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Musical as well as performative

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without" Confucius

If you have stumbled across one of our performances you will have noticed sound, poetry and music play important roles in our work. We believe that music connects with our souls and those of our audiences, connecting us to them. We hope to form a dialogue with our audiences around the issues we present on stage and music helps us all to connect emotionally.

Ignite Me Workshop Theatre has been working with acclaimed singer and vocalist Robina Hula for nearly 3 years. She brings her unique voice and musical talent to our productions. In 2022 we performed a series of monologues and poems at The Lyric, Hammersmith as part of JOY Festival. Highlights included The Impossible Dream by Robina Hula, My Life Through Acting by Faisal Yusuf and Unexpected Tasks by Adam Smith.

The same year, we performed Unheard Voices at Hampton Hub. Robina's original songs Where Is My Crown and I was a Lost Soul opened and closed the show to rapturous audience applause and dancing. And if you saw part 2 of Unheard Voices at Marble Hill Park in 2023 you will have been treated to two more original songs by Robina Hula which underscored the piece, Love Me On A Sunday and Angels Without Wings.

We are currently working on a new devised play called Gotcha! The Faultlines of a Broken System featuring 2 more songs from Robina's album Cuckoo Land and Another Country. The play will be performed this year to a wider audience to build our fanbase.

"If music be the food of love, play on!" Shakespeare

To listen to the full album by Robina Hula follow this link:

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