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A look back and looking forward

2024 is well underway but it is worth a quick look back at 2023 and what we achieved together...

In 2023 we put on 4 performances of 3 very different plays:

In March we performed Can You Save Jason? at Breaking Out of the Bubble Hate Crime event.

In May we performed an extract from Unheard Voices at Ruils 20th Anniversary Celebration.

In June we performed The Ingredients for Good Decisions at LBHF Coproduction Week event.

In September we revisited Unheard Voices for a special performance in Marble Hill Park.

And you may have seen us as we made appearances and attended events and also ran workshops in Richmond and online!

This year we have started work on a new play about a Disabled family and the DWP. We continue on our mission to give Disabled People a voice through theatre.

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