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New shows and new friends

On 11th October we took our variety show of monologues, poetry, sketch comedy and song to Hampton Hub (,uk). The show of energetic, powerful and raucous performances was watched by a small audience who all got up and danced to the original music at the end.

We have gone online once again to bring you a new play with Action on Disability ( We have been researching ordinary Disabled People who did extraordinary things for Disability History Month.

As well as AoD we are still working with Ruils ( and Safety Net-People First to involve Disabled actors in making participatory theatre.

We were at Multicultural Richmond's Hate Crime event in October ( and heard some important and thought provoking messages about Hate Crime which can be any crime motivated by hostility towards a person because of their particular protected characteristic(s). We showed our short film of Can You Save Jason? The audience found it interesting and informative. We took questions afterwards and some people had never heard of Mate Crime or cuckooing, which is the subject of the film.

We have plans to perform an in-person adaptation of Can You Save Jason? on 8th March 2023, working with Inclusion London ( and Breaking out of the Bubble (

Check back for further updates on our work!

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