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Ignite Me's background and story

Ignite Me Workshop Theatre is an Inclusive Theatre Company working with Disabled and disadvantaged actors and non-actors, creating plays based on real experiences. We use Theatre of the Oppressed methods, developed by a Brazilian Theatre practitioner called Augusto Boal to make People’s Theatre, that is by and for the people. We run workshops in the community using games, image theatre, improvisation and storytelling, leading to performances to give a voice to marginalised people to speak their truth. I established Ignite Me in 2017 and am the current Director. I am a Disabled Theatre for Development Practitioner and Theatre Maker. The company grew to a team of 8 Drama Facilitators. We believe Disabled actors are invisible in the industry, and Disabled people are under-represented in leadership roles. At Ignite Me our participants become leaders and Disabled People lead through lived experience. Working with Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations, charities, and colleges across London we involve diverse groups. I have been trained in Inclusion London’s Developing Deaf and Disabled Leaders of the Future programme. The programme enabled me to build new partnerships with Disabled Advocates embedded in the Disability Rights Movement.

I am Bryony Meteyard. My qualifications include an MA in Theatre and Development Studies and I worked for 3 years for an NGO and 8 years for another charity and I lost both of these jobs, which is something that haunts me, but I realised that I had an opportunity to do something that I had dreamed of. Apart from my dreams about Leonardo DiCaprio, I dreamed of running a People’s Theatre Company. A company that makes plays that are by and for ordinary people and that runs workshops that are open to all.

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