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Well acted, eye opening stories of the disability discrimination that goes on around us.

Laerte, degree student with complex medical needs/ disability.


The play touched on topics that are sadly all too familiar to people with physical and / or mental health conditions. The actors made the play compelling and entertaining while covering very serious issues. The play as a whole certainly encouraged me to work even harder to improve the everyday lives of disabled people either through my own work or through making my voice heard in the right way and heard by the right people. The play did a superb job of highlighting the extreme failings within the social services caused by financial cuts and lack of continuity within the service provider. The play also dealt very effectively with the severe problems disabled people face every day when using, or attempting to use public transport, which raised questions around training and accessability. The actors did a fantastic job in putting their messages across and the interractive session with the audience was informative and great fun.

A multi layored play that was faultless from start to finish.
Andy, Richmond AID.


It was an amazing show . It was eye opening & informative. The information was delivered in a fashion that you got the message.  It was humorous and is a must see for everyone. It was life altering and I will never see a bus stop in the same way. I will actually stop and see how a wheelchair person is being treated when they are trying to get on buses. 
You never know how a wheelchair person is being treated so maybe I will just sit downstairs and see instead of running upstairs like I usually do.
Uma - a full time carer & business woman

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